Nations RI$E - USD Fixed Deposit

Nations RI$E - USD Fixed Deposit
The most exhilarating way to get the most out of your Dollars

Earn great interest on your dollars all day, every day. Just deposit them in a Nations rise fixed deposit account.

Currency offered - United States Dollar Only (USD) 

Tenure - 2 years  

Interest payment - 6% p.a ( Fixed Interest Rate for 2 Years )

  • Guaranteed fixed interest for two years
  • Ability to borrow up to 90% of the fixed deposit value by way of an overdraft or a loan
  • Option to nominate a beneficiary
  • BFC (FEEA EFC) Direct exporter category*
  • PFC RFC Category – An individual who is a Sri Lankan National - Individuals with Sri Lankan origin residing in Sri Lankas
  • PFC NRFC Category - An individual of Sri Lankan origin who is a resident outside Sri Lanka

* - Resident individuals

- Sole proprietorship or partnership registered in Sri Lanka

- A company incorporated in Sri Lanka

- A company incorporated outside Sri Lanka which is registered as an overseas company under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007.

- A State Institution with the recommendation of the Secretary to the relevant line Ministry or appropriate Authority.


*NGOs are not permitted to open

Documents required
  • Standard account opening form for PFC and BFC individual category
  • Supporting documents for identity/address verifications
  • Business account opening form for business entities
  • Product T&C signed by customer and copy attached to mandate
  • Product KFD handed over to customer
  • Any other regulatory documentation requirements for PFC/BFC products

Terms and conditions (English / Sinhala / Tamil)

Key Facts Document (English / Sinhala / Tamil)


Application Form