Nations RI$E - USD Fixed Deposit

Nations RI$E - USD Fixed Deposit
The most exhilarating way to get the most out of your Dollars

Never before has a bank offered you a floating interest rate on a Fixed Deposit for your US Dollars. What this means is that our interest rate fluctuates according to market conditions, constantly working to give you the best returns on your Dollars.  

Currency offered - United States Dollar Only (USD) 

Initial Deposit - USD 10,000 

Tenure - 2 years  

Interest payment

Year 1

Fixed at 5% p.a. 

Year 2

Floating at LIBOR* + 3.75% 

*If the LIBOR is discontinued during the period, an alternate benchmark rate will be considered 

Interest Floor at re-pricing: 4.5% p.a.

Interest Cap at re-pricing: 6.25% p.a. 

Note: Product is valid only till July 2022

  • Ability to benefit from market rate fluctuations
  • Ability to borrow up to 90% of the fixed deposit value by way of an overdraft or a loan
  • Option to nominate a beneficiary
  • BFC (FEEA EFC) Direct exporter category*
  • PFC RFC Category – An individual who is a Sri Lankan National - Individuals with Sri Lankan origin residing in Sri Lankas
  • PFC NRFC Category - An individual of Sri Lankan origin who is a resident outside Sri Lanka

* - Resident individuals

- Sole proprietorship or partnership registered in Sri Lanka

- A company incorporated in Sri Lanka

- A company incorporated outside Sri Lanka which is registered as an overseas company under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007.

- A State Institution with the recommendation of the Secretary to the relevant line Ministry or appropriate Authority.


*NGOs are not permitted to open

Documents required
  • Standard account opening form for PFC and BFC individual category
  • Supporting documents for identity/address verifications
  • Business account opening form for business entities
  • Product T&C signed by customer and copy attached to mandate
  • Product KFD handed over to customer
  • Any other regulatory documentation requirements for PFC/BFC products

Terms and conditions (English / Sinhala / Tamil)

Key Facts Document (English / Sinhala / Tamil)

Application Form