Superior Plus

Superior Plus
Live life confidently

Life is a journey which we have to live to the fullest. It is important to plan prudently and be ready for adversity at any time. The best solution to minimize this risk and ensure a plentiful future for your loved ones is to wisely choose a plan that brings you the combined benefits of total protection and higher returns for the investment you make today!

Nations Superior Plus is designed to bring you the best of both worlds, be it a comprehensive protection for your loved ones or a high return for your investment to fulfil your future dreams!

  • Comprehensive protection
  • Additional 10% bonus at maturity
  • Additional covers to enhance your protection
  • A fund that grows continuously
Comprehensive Protection

Your loved ones will be protected in case of an untimely demise with the financial assistance they receive in the form of the Basic Sum Assured or the investment account balance, whichever is higher at the time of incident. 

You can further enhance the protection for them with the range of additional covers that can be added to customize your policy to match your exact needs.

A Fund That Grows Continuously

An individual investment account will be maintained for you, and this will grow continuously with the premiums you invest and the annual dividend rates declared by Union Assurance. Your Fund keeps growing every month with the best in market annual dividend rates declared by Union Assurance.


Average Market Interest Rate*

Minimum Dividend Rate Guaranteed for the Year**

Declared Dividend Rate**

2015 5.99 8.00 9.50
2016 7.10 8.00 10.50
2017 9.01 10.00 10.25
2018 8.85 10.00 10.00
2019 8.73 10.00 10.00

*Is calculated based on the Average Weighted Deposit Rate of commercial banks for the corresponding year (Source: Central Bank) | **By Union Assurance

Loyalty Bonus

In reward of your trust an additional 10% bonus on your investment account balance will be awarded at maturity upon completion of all the due premiums for the policy term, ensuring you the highest possible returns for your investment.

How Your Policy Works

In case of an untimely demise, your beneficiaries will receive the Basic Sum Assured or the investment account balance, whichever is higher. If continued till maturity, you will receive the investment account balance along with a 10% Loyalty Bonus.

Example Illustration

If you are aged 30 years and obtain a Nations Superior Plus policy for a term of 15 years or 20 years to ensure a protected future for your loved ones.



Life Cover

Annual Premium

Illustrated Maturity at 6% dividend

Illustrated Maturity at 8% dividend Illustrated Maturity at 10% dividend
30 15 2,400,000 120,050 2,462,000 2,871,000 3,354,000
30 20 1,500,000 60,050 1,924,000 2,386,000 2,971,000

*This is for information only. The precise terms and conditions will be detailed in the policy document.

*The illustrated values will vary based on the exact age at commencement of cover and the actual dividends declared.


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