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Convenience just got an upgrade

Managing your money on the go is now faster, easier and more secure than ever before! Enjoy complete control over your account at your fingertips with an easy-to-use interface and improved security features. With the upgraded Nations Mobile Banking App, the closest branch is always in your pocket.

Banking at your fingertips
  • Open Savings Accounts and Fixed Deposits instantly with no branch visits
  • All Nations Trust Bank Customers can register online for free - No branch visits
  • Fingerprint or Password verification
  • Settle your bills using your own Accounts and Credit Cards
  • Instant Fund Transfers to any Nations account and to other local bank accounts
  • Trilingual functionality
  • Cash Advance using Credit Cards through Mobile Banking
  • Activate / Deactivate your Credit and Debit Cards
How to open accounts
  • Sign in & click on "Accounts" or "Investments"
  • Insert required information
  • Click "Confirm"
  • Read & accept Terms and Conditions
  • Enter the OTP which you received to your registered mobile number/email
  • You will find your New Account/Fixed Deposit under "Accounts" or "Investments"
  • Be a Nations Trust Bank customer who has a Savings Account, Current Account or Credit Card


Steps to get started

Scan the QR code given below to download our app and follow the instructions.

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Now you can manage your total banking portfolio with absolute ease. This is the official Mobile Banking App of Nations Trust Bank.


  • Open Savings Accounts and Fixed Deposits instantly with no branch visits
  • Send and receive money easily from/to Nations Trust Bank and other local bank accounts any time
  • Instantly settle your Utility Bills, Credit Cards (Nations Trust Bank or other banks)
  • Top up your mobile phone or pay your mobile bills instantly
  • Activate / Deactivate Credit and Debit Cards
  • Cash Advance using Credit Cards
  • New feature indication in Mobile Banking main page
  • Convenient tracking of your portfolio
  • Keep a track of your American Express ® Credit Card and MasterCard®
  • Request for Services with a touch
  • Send secure instructions via InApp email service
  • Easy Financial Calculators
  • Interact with your language preference (English, Sinhala or Tamil)
  • Secure access to your App via Finger print or Password


Nations Trust Bank is certified in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) best practices, ensuring your Data security and Privacy. For more information, visit the online security page

Getting Started: Sign up conveniently on Mobile device using your personal Savings, Current Account number, Debit or Credit card details, issued by the Bank. Ensure we have your latest contact details.

Install and explore the services of Nations Trust Bank. Sign Up using Nations Debit or Credit Cards to gain access to a multitude of privileges and services.

If you have a business account, please visit the nearest branch to avail yourself for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Mobile number and the current email needs to be registered with the Bank
  • Should be an active Primary Credit Card or Debit card with Nations Trust Bank

You can call the 24 * 7 Contact Center on +94 114 711 411 or visit the nearest Nations Trust Bank branch and get your information updated.

  • You can simply use the “Forgot Username” option to retrieve your username and use the “Forgot Password” option to reset your password.

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We use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your personal information such as User IDs, Passwords and account information. We also use multifactor authentication that verifies that you own the accounts you want to access when you first log in using the Nations Mobile Banking Application. To do this, you will receive by email or text message at the time of registering for the service.

Yes, however you should check to see if your wireless carrier charges roaming fees for your service plan. Please note that Mobile Banking may not be available in all locations, even if you have access to a cellular network (sanctioned countries).

Nations Trust Bank customers (Non Business) who have a,

  • Primary Credit or
  • Active Savings or Current account
  • Individual Customers who are having Proprietor current account

You can register via the Nations Mobile Banking Application using one of the 2 methods mentioned below

  • Nations Trust Bank Debit Card
  • Nations Trust Bank American Express / MasterCard Credit Cards

Using above mentioned options you can register online. Once you submit the required (Credit Card or Debit Card Number) details you will get a verification code to the registered Mobile and the Email address.

  • After submitting the verification code , first create your user name (should be within 8 to 12 characters) and the Password (should be as below).
    • Minimum 08 characters or more.
    • At least one upper case letter.
    • At least one number (0-9).
    • At least one special character out of (!@#$%^&*).
  • Reconfirm the Password.

Biometrics refers to metrics related to human characteristics. Biometrics authentication (or realistic authentication) is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance. It helps to uniquely identify you.

Yes you can. When you register for the first time to the service, the process will prompt you to register your Biometrics. If you happen to skip it, then as per of the “Settings” section again you can register by clicking on the “Biometrics Options” and enable. If you need to disable the Biometrics you have already given, simply go to the “Settings” section and go to “Configure Biometrics” section and disable the options you don’t require.

Device OS
iPhone , iPad iOS version 9 and above
Android phone, Tab Android version 4.4,5 and above

Using your Nations Mobile Banking Application, you can:

  • Pay bills, settle your American Express, Nations MasterCard credit card and other bank credit cards
  • Transfer money between Nations accounts and accounts at other banks.
  • Manage your payees and billers.
  • See balances, transactions and past statements.
  • Get rewards information for your credit cards.
  • Financial calculators.
  • Send instructions via in-app email service.
  • Find out how to reach us.
  • User your preferred language to access the app (English / Sinhala / Tamil)
  • Change transaction limits on your own.
Transaction Type Limit (LKR)
Transfer Funds within own Accounts Unlimited
Transfer Funds to 3rd Party Nations Trust Bank Accounts 10,000,000
Transfer Funds to Other Banks 5,000,000
Pay own Credit Cards Unlimited
Pay 3rd party Nations Trust Bank Credit Cards 10,000,000
Pay other Bank Credit Cards 5,000,000
Bill Payments 5,000,000

2FA Limit 1,000,000

Yes. It is possible. You can reduce or increase within the set standard limits (refer limits mentioned under point no 12) by the bank. You will get notified each time you do a change to these limits via your registered mobile number and email address.

2FA means Two Factor Authentication.

This is a security feature where the bank has placed on financial transactions , Online Registration and Nations Mobile Banking application PIN reset. If you place a 2FA limit on your transactions, for each and every transaction performed above the assigned 2FA limit you will get an one time verification code or place your finger print if you have enabled finger print as the 2FA.

We will lock your Nations Mobile Banking Application after three invalid login attempts. To reset your password, visit the login screen of the Nations Mobile Banking Application and select “Forgot Password?” option to reset.

Use the “Forgot Password?” and select one of the following options and follow the steps to recover the password,
-Debit Card
-Credit Card
-Biometrics option

  • Select option “Payment “ from the quick access (this is the nine square button at the bottom centre of the screen) menu
  • Click on “Pay to” and Select the other Bank card number.
  • If you have not already registered the card number then click on the “+” symbol at the top right corner of the screen and add the other bank card number . Ensure to enter the complete card number.
  • Select the account from which the payment should get deducted.
  • Enter a remark.
  • Click on Pay.


Utility Type Mobile BANKING Reference Number
Telephone Bills
10 Digit Phone Number
10 Digit Phone Number
10 Digit Phone Number
10 Digit Phone Number
10 Digit Phone Number
10 Digit Phone Number
Utility Bills
*Access Natural Water (PVT) LTD
10 Digit Account Number
10 Digit Account Number
12 Digit Account Number
6 Digit Account Number
8 Digit Account Number
Insurance Payments
*Sri Lanka Insurance General
*Sri Lanka Insurance Life
*Nations Insurance Brokering
* Lolc Life Assurance Limited
*Allianz Insurance Lanka Limited
*Allianz Life Insurance Lanka Ltd
11 Digit Policy Number
6 Digit Policy Number
14 Digit Policy Number
8 Digit Policy Number
6 Digit Policy Number
7 Digit Policy Number
8 Digit Policy Number
14 Digit Policy Number
9 Digit Policy Number
9 Digit Policy Number
9 Digit Policy Number
Other Bills
*Colombo Swimming Club
*JK Stock Brokers
*National School Of Business Management Limited
*Royal Colombo Golf Club
*Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
*Kaatsu International University
*ANC Education
Cut off Time Before 12.30 pm on working days No cut off time as its 24 * 7
Transaction processing time 4 to 5 hours for transactions initiated within the cut off time 1 to 5 minutes
Selection of exact Bank Required Required
Selection of exact Branch Required Not required
Beneficiary account gets credited on holidays No Yes
Account number digit restriction Full account number Full account number
Bank Charges Free LKR 30