Nations Remittance

Nations Remittance


 Considered one of the most customer-centric financial institutions in the country, we help our customers to receive money to Sri Lanka from overseas.

The strong relationships maintained with world class remittance partners enable us to provide you a service excellence paralleled by none. Remittance partners, also referred to as Remittance/Exchange Houses or Remitting Agencies, are institutions with whom Nations Trust Bank has agreements to facilitating the receipt of remittances from overseas destinations to Sri Lanka. We facilitate receipt of your remittances to a bank account or to receive it in cash at any of our branches.

Our reach extends to over 96 branches, 127 ATMs and Internet Banking and Mobile Banking allows convenience and flexibility in accessing your funds. Click here to find a Remittance Partner in the country of your preference from which to remit money to Sri Lanka. We also facilitate Bank-to-Bank Remittances using Telegraphic Transfers through our Correspondent Banking arrangements. Click here to find the list of our Correspondent Banks.

We also facilitate overseas account opening and other related services at the convenience of your country of residence. Click here to view the details of our overseas business promotions officers.

Remittance Partners

Agent Name

Market Presence

Web Site

Western Union

Global Presence


Global Presence

Transfast Remittances LLC

Global Presence

Sigue Global Services Limited

Global Presence


Global Presence

Small World Financial Services

European Region

PaySend Ltd

European Region

Unigiros Ltd


WIC Worldcom Finance Ltd


Al Zaman Exchange W L L


NEC B.S.C Closed


RemitBee (Thamor)


Musharbash Exchange Company


SpeedRemit Money Transfer

GCC Region

Brastel Co. Ltd


Correspondent Banking Partners
































































USD - (Asian Clearing Union)
































USD (Remittance Purpose)







Overseas Business Promotion Officers

shalitha silva

Name: Mr Shalitha Silva

Designation: Deputy Manager Remittances - Sales

City & Country: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact Number: +971 50 540 5106

Email ID:,

Availability: Available

dinusha mendis

Name: Mr Dinusha Mendis

Designation: Senior Overseas Business Promotion Officer

City & Country: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Contact Number: +971 56 273 8711

Email ID:,

Availability: Available

Singer Accepted Remittance Partners*


Singer Sub Agent Locations


Singer Branch


Agalawatta Singer Plus Wajira Building, Rathnapura Road, Agalawatta
Ahangama Singer Plus No. 24, Galle Road, Ahangama
Akkaraipattu Singer Plus No. 04, Main Street, Akkaraipattu
Akurana Singer Plus No. 17/4, Matale Road, Akurana
Akuressa Singer Plus Main Street, Akuressa
Akuressa Singer Plus No. 6, New Bangama Road, Akuressa
Alawathugoda Singer Plus No. 825, Matale Road, Alawathugoda
Alawwa Singer Plus Main Street, Alawwa
Aluthgama Singer Plus No. 359, Galle Road, Aluthgama
Ambalangoda Singer Plus New Road, Ambalangoda
Ambalanthota Singer Plus No. 41, Main Street, Ambalantota
Ambalantota Singer Plus Main Street, Ambalantota
Ambanpola Singer Plus Anuradhapura Road, Ambanpola
Ampara Singer Plus No. 58 D S Senanayake Mawatha Ampara
Ampara Singer Plus Temple Junction, Ampara
Anamaduwa Singer Plus Galgamu Road, Anamaduwa
Angoda Singer Plus No. 318/8/5, Avissawella Road, Angoda
Angunakolapelessa Singer Plus Hungama Road, Angunakolapelessa
Anuradhapura Singer Homes Mawittara, Piliyandala
Anuradhapura Singer Plus No. 341/3, Bank Side, Main Street, Anuradhapura
Anuradhapura Singer Plus No. 47, Bank Side, Anuradhapura
Anuradhapura Singer Plus No. 562/14, New Bus Stand, Anuradhapura
Anuradhapura Singer Homes No. 338/16, Bank Town, Anuradhapura
Aralaganwila Singer Plus New Town, Aralaganwila
Athurugiriya Singer Plus No. 123/7/A Kaduwela Road, Athurugiriya
Attidiya Singer Plus No. 152 Main Street,Attidiya Dehiwela
Avissawella Singer Plus No. 31, Yatiyanthota Road, Avissawella
Avissawella Singer Plus No. 68,Yatiyantota Road, Avissawella
Badalkumbura Singer Plus No. 172,Main Street, Badalkumbura
Baddegama Singer Plus Co-op Building, Baddegama
Badulla Singer Plus No. 134 Lower Street, Badulla
Badulla Singer Plus No. 22, South Lane, Badulla
Badulla Singer Plus No.33 Anagarika Dharmapala Mw Viharagoda Badulla
Baduraliya Singer Plus No. 121, Rathnapura Road, Baduraliya
Bakamoona Singer Plus Main Street, Bakamoona
Balangoda Singer Plus JF Building, No. 29, Balangoda
Balangoda Singer Plus No. 60, Main Street, Balangoda
Bandaragama Singer Plus No. 51, Horana Road, Bandaragama
Bandarawela Singer Plus No. 132, Main Street, Bandarawela
Bandarawela Singer Plus No. 342/01 Badulla Road, Bandarawela
Bandarawela Singer Plus No.249 Main Street, Bandarawela
Batapola Singer Plus Maragaha Junction, Batapola
Battaramulla Singer Plus No. 15, Kaduwela Road, Battaramulla
Battaramulla Singer Plus No. 81,Kaduwela Road, Battaramulla
Batticaloa Singer Plus No. 23, Bar Road, Batticaloa
Batticaloa Singer Plus No. 89,Trincomalee Road, Batticaloa
Beliatta Singer Plus Dickwella Road,, Beliatta
Beruwela Shop Singer Plus No. 216/B, Galle Road, Beruwala
Bibile Singer Plus Infront People S Bank, Badulla Road, Bibile
Bingiriya Singer Plus Kurunegala Road, Bingiriya
Boralasgamuwa Singer Mega No. 202, Werahera, Boralesgamuwa
Boralesgamuwa Singer Plus No. 24,Colombo Road, Boralesgamuwa
Borella Singer Plus No. 271, WaRoad, Place, Colombo 07
Borella Singer Mega No. 6, Dudley Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 08
Bulathkohupitiya Singer Plus Avissawella Road, Bulathkohupitiya
Bulathsinghala Singer Plus Mathugama Road, Athura Bulathsinghala
Buttala Singer Plus Main Street, Buttala
Chankani Singer Plus No. 574, Main Street, Chankani
Chavakachcheri Singer Plus No. 142, Kandy Road, Chavakachcheri
Chenkalady Singer Plus No. 64, Main Street, Chenkalady
Chilaw Singer Plus No. 04 Bazzar Street, Chilaw
Chilaw Singer Plus No. 6, Fort Road, Chilaw
Chunnakam Singer Plus No. 125, Kks Road, Chunnakam
Chunnakam Singer Plus No. 136, K K S Road, Chunnakam
Colpetty Singer Plus No.464 Galle Road, Colombo03
Dambulla Singer Plus Aunuradhapura Road, Dambulla
Dambulla Singer Plus No. 586, Anuradhapura Road, Dambulla
Dankotuwa Singer Plus No. 15,Negombo Road, Dankotuwa
Darga Town Singer Plus No. 285, Mathugama Road, Darga Town
Dehiattakandiya Singer Plus No. E72, New Town Dehiattakandiya
Dehiowita Singer Plus No. 51,Main Street, Dehiowita
Dehiwela Singer Plus No. 149,Galle Road, Dehiwela
Delgoda Singer Plus No. 351/F, New Kandy Road, Delgoda
Delkanda Singer Plus No. 380,Highlevel Road, Delkanda Nugegoda
Deniyaya Singer Plus Main Street, Deniyaya
Deraniyagala Singer Plus No. 04, Main Street, Deraniyagala
Dickwella Singer Plus Co Op Building, Beliatta Road, Dickwella
Dickwella Singer Plus No. 63, Mahawela Road, Dickwella
Digana Singer Plus No. 49, New Town, Digana
Digana Singer Plus No. 55, New Town, Digana, Rajawella
Divulapitiya Singer Plus No.35 WeerawaRoad,enaldg Negombo Road, Divulapitiya
Diyabeduma Singer Plus Girithale Road, Diyabeduma
Diyasenapura Singer Plus Main Street, Diyasenpura
Diyathalawa Singer Plus No. 38 Fair Road, Diyathalawa
Dompe Singer Plus No. 112, Havelock Road, Colombo 05
Dummalasuriya Singer Plus Madampe Road, Dummalasuriya
Eheliyagoda Singer Plus Main Street, Ehaliyagoda
Eheliyagoda Singer Plus No. 166, Main Street, Eheliyagoda
Eheliyagoda Singer Plus No. 4/44, MainStreet, Eheliyagoda
Elpitiya Singer Plus No. 16, Main Street, Elpitiya
Embilipitiya Singer Plus Pallegama, Embilipitiya
Embilipitiya New Town Singer Plus New Town Showroom, Embilipitiya
Eppawela Singer Plus Thalawa Road, Eppawala
Ettampitiya Singer Plus No. 11,Badulla Road, Ettampitiya
Galagedara Singer Plus Galagedara, Madige
Galaha Singer Plus No. 46, Hewaheta Road, Galaha
Galenbidunuwewa Singer Plus Kahatagasdigiliya Road, Galenbindunuwewa
Galewela Singer Plus Galewela Galewela
Galewela Singer Plus No. 30, Dambulla Road, Galewela
Galgamuwa Singer Plus No. 238, Main Street, Galgamuwa
Galle Singer Plus No. 117, Colombo Road, Kaluwella, Galle
Galle Singer Plus No. 176, Main Street, Galle
Galle Singer Plus No. 59, Mahaweediya, Galle
Galnewa Singer Plus No. 3, Pola Road, Galnewa
Gampaha Singer Plus No. 101, Colombo Road, Gampaha
Gampaha Singer Mega No. 103, Colombo Road, Gampaha
Gampaha Singer Plus No. 68, Buddaloka Mawatha, Gampaha
Gampola Singer Plus No. 12/B, Nawalapitiya Road, Gampola
Gampola Singer Plus No. 46, Station Road, Gampola
Gampola Singer Plus No. 68, Nawalapitiya Road, Gampola
Ganemulla Singer Plus No. 546/31/01, Kadawatta Road, Ganemulla
Gelioya Singer Plus No. 26,Kandy Road, Gelioya
Ginigathhena Singer Plus No. 17, Hatton Road, Ginigathhena
Girandurukotte Singer Plus New Town, Girandurukotte
Giriulla Singer Plus No. 70, Negombo Road, Giriulla
Godagama Singer Homes No. 2D, Highlevel Road, Godagama
Godakawela Singer Plus Main Street, Godakawela
Godakawela Singer Plus No. 66 Main Street, Godakawela
Gothatuwa Singer Plus No. 37/5 Kolonnawa Road, Gothatuwa
Habaraduwa Singer Plus Habaraduwa Habaraduwa
Habarana Singer Plus Dambulla Road, Habarana
Hakmana Singer Plus Wijaya Building Beliatta Road, Hakmana
Haldummulla Singer Plus No. 112, Havelock Road, Colombo 05
Hali-Ela Singer Plus No. 57 Badulla Road, Hali Ela
Hambantota Singer Plus No. 33/1, Tissa Road, Hambantota
Hanwella Singer Plus No. 25,Main Street, Hanwella
Haputhale Singer Plus No. 01, Colombo Road, Haputhale
Hasalaka Singer Plus No. 110 Kandy Road, Hasalaka
Hatton Singer Plus No. 175, Dimbulla Road, Hatton
Hemmathagama Singer Plus No. 17, Main Street, Hemmathagama
Hettipola Singer Plus Main Street, Hettipola
Hikkaduwa Singer Plus No. 263, Galle Road, Hikkaduwa
Hingurakgoda Singer Plus Main Street, Hingurakgoda
Hingurakgoda Singer Plus No. 13, Govi Mawatha Hingurakgoda
Hingurana Singer Plus Hingurana Junction, Hingurana
Hiripitiya Singer Plus Kurunegala Road, Hiripitiya
Homagama Singer Plus No. 70, Highleval Road, Homagama
Homagama Singer Plus No. 71/A, High Level Road, Homagama
Horana Singer Plus No. 74, Panadura Road, Horana
Horowpathana Singer Plus Temple Junction, Main Street, Horowpathana
Ibbagamuwa Singer Plus Udawela Dehelgamuwa Ibbagamuwa
Imaduwa Singer Plus No. 32 A , Akuressa Road, Imaduwa
Ingiriya Singer Plus No. 18, Padukka Road, Ingiriya
Ja-Ela Singer Mega K-Zone, No. 525, Colombo Road, Ja-Ela
Ja-Ela Singer Plus No. 136, Negambo Road, Ja-Ela
Ja-Ela Singer Plus No. 90/A, Negombo Road, Ja-Ela
Jaffna Singer Plus No. 1, Stanly Road, Jaffna
Jaffna Singer Plus No. 106, Kks Road, Jaffna
Jaffna Singer Plus No. 574, Hospital Road, Jaffna
Kadawatha Singer Plus No. 106/6, Kandy Road, Kadawatha
Kadawatha Singer Homes No. 144/1B, Kandy Road, Kadawatha
Kadawatha Singer Plus No. 174/3/1, Ragama Road, Kadawatha
Kadawatha Singer Plus No. 34/A2, Kandy Road, Kadawatha
Kadugannawa Singer Plus No. 138, Kandy Road, Kadugannawa
Kaduruwela Singer Plus No. 426, Dharmasiri Building, Main Street, Kaduruwela
Kaduruwela Singer Plus No. 819, Sawmill Junction Kaduruwela
Kaduwela Singer Plus No. 32 Avissawella Road, Kaduwela
Kaduwela Singer Plus No. 502/2, Avissawella Road, Kaduwela
Kaduwela Singer Mega No. 90/92, Avissawella Road, Kaduwela
Kahatagasdigiliya Singer Plus Main Street, Kahatagasdigiliya
Kahawatta Singer Plus No. 10, Main Street, Kahawatta
Kahawatta Singer Plus No. 25, Main Street, Kahawatta
Kalawana Singer Plus No. 91 Ratnapura Road, Kalawana
Kalawanchikudy Singer Plus Main Street, Kalawanchikudy
Kalmunai Singer Plus No. 36 Batticaloa Road, Kalmunai
Kalmunai Singer Plus No.77 Main Street, Kalmunai
Kalutara Singer Plus No. 195, Main Street, Kalutara South
Kalutara Singer Mega No. 281, Galle Road, Kalutara
Kalutara Singer Homes No. 320, Galle Road, Kalutara South
Kalutara Singer Plus No. 81, Main Street, Kalutara South
Kamburupitiya Singer Plus Matara Road, Kamburupitiya
Kandana Singer Plus No. 55,Colombo Road, Kandana
Kandy Singer Mega L115,Kandy City Center No. 5, Dalada Veediya, Kandy
Kandy Singer Plus No. 129, D S Senanayake Street, Kandy
Kandy Singer Plus No. 129, Kotugoda Street, Kandy
Kandy Singer Mega No. 213-215, Peradeniya Road, Kandy
Kandy Singer Homes No. 489, William Gopallawa Mw, Kandy
Kantalai Singer Plus No. 209, Main Street, Kantale
Karandeniya Singer Plus Keenagahathota, Karandeniya
Katana Singer Plus No. 73, Delgas Junction, Katana
Kataragama Singer Plus No. A-2, New Town, Kataragama
Kattankudy Singer Plus Main Street, Kattankudy
Katubedda Singer Plus No. 304 Galle Road, Katubedda
Katubedda Singer Mega No. 404, Rawathawatte, Katubedda, Moratuwa
Katugastota Singer Plus No. 161, Madawala Road, Katugastota
Katugastota Singer Plus No. 7, Madawala Road, Katugastota
Katupotha Singer Plus Mahaeliya Road, Katupotha
Kebithigollewa Singer Plus Horawpathana Road, Kebithigollewa
Kegalle Singer Plus No. 114,Colombo Road, Kegalle
Kegalle Singer Homes No. 246/2, Main Street, Kegalle
Kegalle Singer Plus No. 377,Main Street, Kegalle
Kegalle Singer Plus No. 435, Main Street, Kegalle
Kekirawa Singer Plus Main Street, Kekirawa
Kekirawa Singer Plus No. 49, Main Street, Kekirawa
Kilinochchi Singer Plus No. 102, Kandy Road, Kilinochchi
Kilinochchi Singer Plus No17/3, Kandy Road, Kilinochchi
Kiribathgoda Singer Plus No. 150, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya
Kiribathgoda Singer Plus No. 214, Kandy Road, Kiribathgoda
Kiribathgoda Singer Mega No. 93, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya
Kiriella Singer Plus Idangoda, Kiriella
Kirindiwela Singer Plus No. 14/B, Hanwella Road, Kirindiwela
Kirindiwela Singer Plus No. 83, Radawana Road, Kirindiwela
Kirulapane Singer Plus No. 104,Highlevel Road, Kirulapone
Kobeigane Singer Plus Nikaweratiya Road, Kobeigane
Kochchikade Singer Plus No. 162/A, Chilaw Road, Kochchikade
Kodikamam Singer Plus Kandy Road, Kodikamam
Kohuwela Singer Plus No. 38 , Sunethradev Road, Kohuwala
Kolpetty Singer Mega No. 438, R A De Mel Mw , Colombo 03
Kosgama Singer Plus No. 308/1B, Colombo Road, Kosgama
Kotahena Singer Plus No. 248,George R De Silva Mawatha Colombo 13
Kotiyakumbura Singer Plus Main Street, Kotiyakumbura
Kottawa Singer Plus No. 121/4 High Level Road, Kottawa
Kottawa Singer Mega No. 20/2, Athurugiriya Road, Kottawa
Kotte Singer Homes No. 491, Sri JayawaRoad,enapura Mawatha, Kotte
Kuliyapitiya Singer Plus No. 145, Madampe Road, Kuliyapitiya
Kuliyapitiya Singer Plus No. 17 Hettipola Road, Kuliyapitiya
Kundasale Singer Plus No. 46/2, Digana Road, Kundasale
Kurunagala Singer Mega No. 5, Colombo Road, Kurunegala
Kurunegala Singer Plus Negombo Road, Kurunagala
Kurunegala Singer Plus No. 120, Kandy Road, Kurunegala
Kurunegala Singer Plus No. 32,Bodiraja Mawatha Kurunegala
Kurunegala Singer Plus No. 62,Colombo Road, Kurunegala
Kuruwita Singer Plus No. 48, Main Road, Kuruwita
Labududwa Singer Plus Labuduwa Labuduwa
Maharagama Singer Mega No. 1, Mahamegawatte Road, Maharagama
Maharagama Singer Plus No. 136 Highlevel Road, Maharagama
Maharagama Singer Plus No. 71/A Highlevel Road, Maharagama
Mahiyangana Singer Plus Kandy Road, Mahiyangana
Mahiyangana Singer Plus No. 32, Kandy Road, Mahiyangana
Maho Singer Plus No. 23, Main Street, Maho
Malabe Singer Mega No. 16/6A, New Kandy Road,Thalangama, Malabe
Malabe Singer Plus No. 824/G New Kandy Road, Malabe
Mallavi Singer Plus Main Street, Mallavi
Manipay Singer Plus Jaffna Road, Manipay
Mannar Singer Plus No. 69, Grand Bazzar Mannar
Maradagahamulla Singer Plus No. 1, Shopping Complex Negombo Road, Maradagahamula
Maradana Singer Plus No. 105-Jayantha Weerasekara Mawatha Colombo 10
Maskeliya Singer Plus No. 149, Main Street, Maskeliya
Matale Singer Plus No. 24, Main Street, Matale
Matale Singer Plus No. 86/A, King Street, Matale
Matale Singer Homes No. 91, King Street, Matale
Matara Singer Plus Akuressa Road, Issadeen Town, Matara
Matara Singer Plus No. 32 A, Dharmapala Mawatha, Matara
Matara Singer Plus No. 86, New Tangalle Road, Kotuwegod Matara
Matara Singer Homes No-3,Anagarika Darmapala Mawatha Matara
Mathugama Singer Plus No. 17, Kalutara Road, Mathugama
Mattakkuliya Singer Plus No. 174 ,Central Road, Mattakkuliya
Matugama Singer Plus No. 30, Aluthgama Road, Mathugama
Mawanella Singer Plus No. 208, Edirisingha Mahal, Mawanella
Mawanella Singer Plus No. 60B, Hasan Building, Kandy Road, Mawanella
Mawaramandiya Singer Plus No. 663/1/F, Makola North, Makola
Mawathagama Singer Plus No. 74,,Kurunagala Road, Mawathagama
Medagama Singer Plus Medagama Medagama
Medawachchiya Singer Plus Jaffna Road, Medawachchiya
Medirigiriya Singer Plus Main Street, Medirigirya
Meegahakiula Singer Plus Badulla Road, Meegahakiula
Melsiripura Singer Plus Nanda Building, Dambulla Road, Melsiripura
Menikhinna Singer Plus No. 61, Madawala Road, Menikhinna
Middeniya Singer Plus Walasmulla Road, Middeniya
Milagiriya Singer Plus No. 222 Galle Road, Colombo - 04
Minneriya Singer Plus Gunner S Club Complex Minneriya
Minuwangoda Singer Plus No. 16, Veyangoda Road, Minuwangoda
Minuwangoda Singer Plus No. 33,Negombo Road, Minuwangoda
Mirigama Singer Plus No. 237, Pasyala Road, Mirigama
Mirigama Singer Plus No. 28, Main Street, Mirigama
Monaragala Singer Plus No. 10, New Bus Stand Road, Monaragala
Monaragala Singer Plus Wellawala Road, Monaragala
Moragahahena Singer Plus Horana Road, Moragahahena Millawa
Moratuwa Singer Plus No. 17 New Galle Road, Moratuwa
Moratuwa Singer Plus Moratuwa Road, Moratuwa
Moratuwa Singer Plus No. 17, New Galle Road, Moratuwa
Morawaka Singer Plus Deniyaya Road, Morawaka
Mount Lavinia Singer Mega No. 326, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia
Mount Lavinia Singer Plus No. 334/A, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia
Mullaitivu Singer Plus Pwd Road, Mullaitivu
Murunkan Singer Plus Mannar Road, Murunkan
Mutur Singer Plus Main Street, Muthur
Narammala Singer Plus No. 188, Negombo Road, Narammala
Narammala Singer Plus No. 79,Kurunegala Road, Narammala
Nattandiya Singer Plus No. 20,Negombo Road, Nattandiya
Naula Singer Plus No. 54, Matale Road, Naula
Nawalapitiya Singer Plus No. 40, Kothmale Road, Nawalapitiya
Negombo Singer Plus Green S Road, Negombo
Negombo Singer Plus No. 135, St. Joseph Street, Negombo
Negombo Singer Homes No. 145, St. Joseph Street, Negombo
Negombo Singer Mega No. 220 A, Colombo Road, Negombo
Nelliady Singer Plus No. 34, Point Pedro Road, Nelliady
Neluwa Singer Plus Bellawa Road, Neluwa
Nikawaratiya Singer Plus Maho Road, Nikaweratiya
Nikaweratiya Singer Plus Puttalam Road, Nikaweratiya
Nittambuwa Sisil World No. 14, Kandy Road, Nittambuwa
Nittambuwa Singer Plus No. 495/1, Kandy Road, Nittambuwa
Nivithigala Singer Plus No. 67,Wataoatha Road, Nivithigala
Nochchiyagama Singer Plus No. 301, Puttalam Road, Nochchiyagama
Norochcholai Singer Plus Kalpitiya Road, Norochcholai
Nugegoda Singer Mega No. 126 High Level Road, Nugegoda
Nugegoda Singer Mega No. 323, High Level Road, Nugegoda
Nugegoda Singer Mega No. 4D, Nawala Road, Nugegoda
Nuwaraeliya Singer Plus No. 2C, Park Road, Nuwara Eliya
Nuwaraeliya Singer Plus No. 68, New Bazzar Street, Nuwara Eliya
Nuwaraeliya Singer Plus No. 80, Kandy Road, Nuwara Eliya
Padiyathalawa Singer Plus Main Street, Padiyathalawa
Padukka Singer Plus No. 29/E Ingiriya Road, Padukka
Pallebedda Singer Plus Main Street, Pallebedda
Pallepola Singer Plus No. 19 Pallepola
Panadura Singer Plus No. 39, Horana Road, Panadura
Panadura Singer Mega No. 587, Galle Road, Panadura
Panadura Singer Plus No348, Galle Road, Panadura
Pannala Singer Plus Kuliyapitiya Road, Pannala
Parakramapura Singer Plus Sripura Road, Padavi Parakramapura
Passara Singer Plus Main Street, Passara
Pasyala Singer Plus Kandy Road, Pasyala
Pelawatta Singer Plus Mathugama Road, Pelawatta
Pelawatta Singer Plus No.745, Pannipitiya Road, Thalangama South Pelawatta
Peliyagoda Singer Mega 156/74, Negombo Road, Peliyagoda
Peliyagoda Singer Plus No. 91, Negombo Road, Peliyagoda
Pelmadulla Singer Plus No. 10, Main Street, Pelmadulla
Pelmadulla Singer Plus No. 118, Rathnapura Road, Pemadulla
Peradeniya Singer Plus No. 38, Gampola Road, Peradeniya
Pettah Singer Plus U G 108-Peoples Park Complex Colombo 11
Pilimathalawa Singer Plus No. 211, Colombo Road, Pilimathalawa
Pilimathalawa Singer Plus No. 380, Colombo Road, Pilimathalawa
Piliyandala Singer Plus No. 117, Horana Road, Piliyandala
Piliyandala Singer Plus No. 48 Colombo Road, Piliyandala
Piliyandala Singer Plus No.76, Moratuwa Road, Piliyandala
Pinnaduwa Singer Plus Udugama Road, Pinnaduwa
Pitabeddara Singer Plus Akuressa Road, Pitabeddara
Pita-Kotte Singer Plus No. 493 Kotte Road, Pita Kotte
Pitigala Singer Plus No. 39, Main Street, Pitigala
Point Pedro Singer Plus No. 374/A, Main Street, Point Pedro
Polgahawela Singer Plus No. 202 Kegalle Road, Polgahawela
Polonnaruwa Singer Plus Jayanthipura, Polonnaruwa
Polonnaruwa Singer Plus Opposite to Municipal Council, Polonnaruwa
Polpithigama Singer Plus Madagalla Road, Polpithigama
Polwatta Singer Plus No.10 Pansal Junc,Polwaga Janapadaya Ampara
Poojapitiya Singer Plus Main Street, Poojapitiya
Pothuhara Singer Plus Colombo Road, Pothuhera
Pothuvil Singer Plus Main Street, (In Front Of Bus Stand) Pothuvil
Pugoda Singer Plus No. 98/D/1A, Bangalawatta, Pugoda
Pussellawa Singer Plus No. 515/B, Nuwaraeliya Road, Pussellawa
Puthukkudiyiruppu Singer Plus Mullaithivu Road, Puthukkudiyiruppu
Puttalam Singer Plus No. 17,Kurunegala Road, Puttalam
Ragama Singer Plus No. 27, SiriwaRoad,ane Road, Ragama
Rajagiriya Singer Mega No. 227, Castle Street, Colombo 08
Rakwana Singer Plus No. 97, Main Street, Rakwana
Rambewa Singer Plus Anuradhapura Road, Rambewa
Rambukkana Singer Plus No. 140,Kurunegala Road, Rambukkana
Ranna Singer Plus Vijitha Building, Thissa Road, Ranna
Rathmalana Singer Plus 419 / J/1, Galle Road, Rathmalana
Rathmalana Singer Plus No. 387/C Galle RoRoad, Rathmalana
Rathmalana Singer Homes No. 435, Galle Road, Rathmalana
Rathnapura Singer Plus No. 122, Sirimavo Bandaranayake Mawa Rathnapura
Rathnapura Singer Homes No. 157, Bandanayake Mawatha, Rathnapura
Rathnapura Singer Plus No. 253/A, Kudugalwatta, Rathnapura
Rathnapura Singer Plus No. 92, Sirimawo Bandaranayake Mw Rathnapura
Rattota Singer Plus No. 27/29, Main Street, Rattota
Rideegama Singer Plus Keppitigala Road, Riddegama
Rikillagaskada Singer Plus No. 45/1, Kandy Road, Rikkilagaskada
Ruwanwella Singer Plus Main Street, Ruwanwella
Ruwanwella Singer Plus No. 134, Main Street, Ruwanwella
Samanthurai Singer Plus Ampara Road, Vilinayadi Junction Samanthurai
Seeduwa Singer Plus No. 390,Colombo Road, Seeduwa
Settikulam Singer Plus Main Street, Settikulam
Shangri-La Singer Mega L3 40/41 One Galle Face Mall, No. 1A, Centre Road, Colombo 02
Shomesadulla Singer Homes No. 18,Darmadutha Mawatha, Badulla
Shomeshilaw Singer Homes No. 54, Colombo Road, Chilaw
Siyambalanduwa Singer Plus Main Street, Siyambalanduwa
Suriyawewa Singer Plus Main Street, Suriyawewa
Tangalle Singer Plus No. 99, Mahaweediya, Tangalle
Thalawa Singer Plus Kekirawa Road, Thalawa
Thalawakelle Singer Plus No. 04, Nuwara Eliya Road, Thalawakele
Thalawathugoda Singer Mega No. 582/1/1, Pannipitiya Road, Thalawathugoda
Thalawathugoda Singer Plus No. 697A, Pannipitiya Road, Thalawathugoda
Thalgaswala Singer Plus New Town, Thalgaswala
Thambutegama Singer Plus No. 282, Technical Place, Thambuttegama
Thambuttegama Singer Plus No. 235, Kurunegala Road, Thambuttegama
Thanamalwila Singer Plus Thissa Road, Thanamalwila
Thimbirigasyaya Singer Plus No. 69, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo - 05
Thirappane Singer Plus Kandy Road, Thirappane
Thurstan Road Singer Mega No. 38, Thurstan Road, Colombo 3
Tissamaharama Singer Plus No. 10/B, Sarada Building, Aluthgoda Tissamaharama
Tissamaharama Singer Plus No. 180/5, Lower Street, Tissamaharama
Tissapura Singer Plus Tissapura
Trincomalee Singer Plus Anuradhapura Junction, Kandy Road, Trincomalee
Trincomalee Singer Plus No. 133, Nc Road, Trincomalee
Udahamulla Singer Plus No. 390/U, Old Kottawa Road, Udahamulla
Ududumbara Singer Plus Mediwaka Road, Ududumbara
Udugama Singer Plus Maavidola, Bar Junction, Udugama
Udupussellawa Singer Plus No. 31, Main Street, Udupussellawa
Uhana Singer Plus Kandy Road, Uhana
Union Place Singer Plus No. 118,Union Place Colombo 02
Union Place Singer Plus No. 331,Union Place, Colombo 02
Uragasmanhandiya Singer Plus Main Street, Uragasmanhandiya
Urubokka Singer Plus No. 17, New Galle Road, Moratuwa
Vaharai Singer Plus Trincomalee Road, Vaharai
Valaichenai Singer Plus Main Street, Valaichchenai
Vavuniya Singer Plus Horawpathana Road, Vavuniya
Vavuniya Singer Plus No. 149, Kandy Road, Vavuniya
Veyangoda Singer Plus No. 101,Wijemahal, Veyangoda
Veyangoda Singer Plus No. 171, Negombo Road, Veyangoda
Wadduwa Singer Plus No. 557/B, Galle Road, Wadduwa
Walapane Singer Plus Ragala Road, Walapane
Walasmulla Singer Plus Beliatta Road, Walasmulla
Wanduramba Singer Plus Kottawa Road, Wanduraba
Warakapola Singer Plus No. 136, Kandy Road, Warakapola
Warakapola Singer Plus No. 19,Main Street, Kandy Road, Warakapola
Ward Place Singer Plus No. 61A WaRoad, Place Colmobo- 07
Warehouse Singer Mega No. 36, Thurston Road, Colombo 03
Wariyapola Singer Plus Nawinna Bldg-Kalgamuwa Road, Wariyapola
Wattala Singer Plus No. 208/A, Negambo Road, Wattala
Wattala Singer Mega No. 811, Negombo Road, Mabola, Wattala
Wattegama Singer Plus No. 59, Panwila Road, Wattegama
Weeraketiya Singer Plus Middeniya Road, Weeraketiya
Weligama Singer Plus No. 361, Matara Road, Weligama
Welikanda Singer Plus New Town, Welikanda
Welimada Singer Plus B H S Building, Nuwara Eliya Road, Welimada
Welimada Singer Plus No. 32, Nuwaraeliya Road, Welimada
Weliveriya Singer Plus No. 429, New Kandy Road, Weliweriya
Wellampitiya Singer Plus No. 595,Kolonnawa Road, Wellampitiya
Wellawatta Singer Plus No. 504,Galle Road, Wellawatta Colombo 06
Wellawaya Singer Plus No. 25 Haputale Road, Wellawaya
Wennappuwa Singer Plus No. 50,Chilaw Road, Wennappuwa
Wilachchiya Singer Plus Wilachchiiya Road, Pemaduwa
Wilgamuwa Singer Plus Hettipola Wilgamuwa
Yakkala Singer Plus No. 12, Kandy Road, Yakkala
Yakkalamulla Singer Plus No. 34, Akuressa Road, Yakkalamulla
Yatiyanthota Singer Plus Parussella Road, Yatiyantota

*Maximum of LKR 200,00 per transaction

Contact Remittance Department 

For Immediate assistance please call our remittance section on +94 11 4313 397

or contact our call centre on +94 11 4711 411 or email us 

RemitFast FAQ’s

  • How to register for “RemitFast”?

Simply submit a signed request via online/mobile banking or by visiting the nearest Nations Trust Bank branch.

  • How to receive foreign remittances through “RemitFast” option?

Once registered, contact Retail Call Centre or send a message (Reference Number & Amount) via online/mobile banking to process your remittance.

  • Are there charges applicable for this service?

Facility is available free of charge for all NTB customers.

  • Can we use “RemitFast” to receive remittances from anywhere in the world?

You can receive remittances from many countries under this service. Please visit for more information.

  • How to receive a notification when funds get credited to the account?

You will be notified with a SMS alert to the registered mobile number.

  • Is this facility available on 24 x 7?

Yes. You can provide your remittance information 24x7 to Retail Call Centre or via online/mobile banking and remittance will be processed to your account during branch opening hours on weekdays (8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.).

Special Remittance Promotion


  • 160 winners (beneficiaries) will be selected and will be given (Rs. 10,000/- each) supermarket voucher through a raffle draw 
  • 3 grand winners will be selected at the end of the campaign and will be rewarded with 3 return air tickets 
  • Promotion is subject to the decision of the bank, and any disputes will be resolved as per the bank's decision.  



The promotion is open to all remittances of Rs. 50,000/- (or equivalent in other foreign currencies) or above per transaction, received through Nations Trust Bank until 31st December 2023. The following types of remittance are eligible for the promotion:  

  • Remittances sent to Nations Trust Bank accounts  
  • Remittances collected over the counter through NTB branches  
  • Remittances collected through Singer showrooms (only remittances collected via certain remittance partners are allowed. Please refer to see NTB and Singer accepted remittance partners)  
  • Remittances sent to other bank accounts through Nations Trust Bank  



  • Monthly winners are also eligible for the grand prize  
  • There could be a possibility of one beneficiary winning more than once 
  • Beneficiary can decide whether to utilize the airticket or give it to the sender. If given to the sender, NTB will consider the sender based on the last remittance sent within the promotional period   
  • If required, air ticket can be reimbursed up to a maximum of Rs. 300,000/- before 31st January 2024. If the eligible person doesn’t have a personal savings account with NTB, he/she shall open a savings account with NTB to credit the amount   
  • Air tickets must be utilized before 30th June 2024. Non-utilization of the air ticket before the deadline will result in canceling the reward (return air ticket)  
  • Rs. 10,000/- gift vouchers cannot be encashed and only the beneficiary can claim the voucher  
  • Gift vouchers should be collected by the respective beneficiaries within one week of notification by the bank, failing which vouchers will be recalled.
  • Promotion details or giveaways (e.g. vouchers, return air tickets) may change without prior notice 
  • Taxes may be applicable  
  • Nations Trust Bank staff are not eligible for the promotion