Nations Shopping Card

Nations Shopping Card
Nations Shopping Card

Nations Shopping Card gives you the perfect combination of convenience and control. Assists you to conveniently make your cashless transactions and ATM withdrawals safely and securely

Giving safety and protection against fraud
  • Authorise your signature on the reverse of the card, when you receive it
  • Keep your Nations Debit Card or Personal Identification Number (PIN) to yourself
  • Memorise your PIN number
  • Note the PIN number in an unidentifiable manner
  • Keep your card away from magnetic or electronic equipment
  • Enter your PIN number accurately, so the card doesn’t get deactivated
  • Get in touch with the Manager of the Branch that issued the card to get it re-activated
  • If the card is lost, misplaced or stolen, go to the nearest branch and cancel the card immediately

Debit MasterCard Terms & Conditions - English

Debit MasterCard Terms & Conditions - Sinhala

Debit MasterCard Terms & Conditions - Tamil


Debit Card Tariff

Declaration by the Applicant/s for Electronic Fund Transfer Cards


How to apply
  • Contact your nearest branch 
  • Contact our call center 
  • Click on the Apply Now button

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