Inner Circle

Inner Circle
We are right here for you, powering your success

Your Circle defines you. It supports you and nurtures you, as you reach towards greater heights on your journey towards success. With the Nations Trust Bank Inner Circle, we offer you exclusivity with a dependable, supportive, dedicated and unmatched banking experience.


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Exclusivity to elevate your lifestyle

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Supporting the wellbeing of you and your family

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Convenience and complete control of your finances

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Supporting your aspirations

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Eligibility Criteria

Meeting any one of the following criteria sets entitles you to Inner Circle membership:

  • Remit a minimum net salary of LKR 200,000/- to a “Nations Salary Saver” (NSS) savings or NSS current account on a monthly basis. This amount will be remitted as a single payment during a given month and not as part payments, or
  • Maintain LKR 2,000,000/- or above in a fixed deposit along with a minimum monthly average credit balance of LKR 10,000/- in a current account or savings account, or
  • Maintain a minimum total deposit portfolio of LKR 2,000,000/- in fixed deposit/s, current account/s or savings account/s (as a combination of accounts or separately) along with a minimum monthly average credit balance of LKR 10,000/- in a savings account, or 
  • Maintain an average balance of LKR 500,000 or above in an operating account (savings or current) for a period of 3 months and continue to maintain LKR 500,000 or above, or
  • Remit a monthly net salary of USD 750 or equivalent value in any designated foreign currency to a PFCA account.


*Foreign currency accounts will be considered only for the total deposit portfolio of Rs.2 Mn

Review Criteria
  • The bank will periodically review the account balances to identify accounts to be upgraded or downgraded.
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Documents You'll Need
  • Completed account opening form
  • Copy of the National Identity Card (NIC) / Valid Passport
  • Documentary evidence for address verification (Utility Bill, Fixed Telephone Bill, Bank Statement or other).
  • Nations Salary Account – salary evidence / confirmation of salary from the employer


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