Corporate Cards

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Corporate Cards

American Express Corporate Credit Card

A flexible tool that helps companies simplify the management of Travel and Entertainment expenses. It also provides global recognition and acceptance backed by a network and a range of comprehensive benefits.

Benefits to employees of a company

  • Global acceptance – card accepted at millions of locations worldwide
  • Travel Insurance for overseas travel when booking air tickets through the American Express Corporate Card
  • Concierge Services available locally for all corporate card members
  • 24/7 Customer Service via dedicate premium card services hotline (011) 4 315315
  • Worldwide cash access
  • Emergency Card replacement globally
  • Dedicated relationship management team to support all aspects within the partnership
American Express Corporate Fuel Card

This is the best payment solution for the efficient management of employee fuel allowance disbursements. With access to over 450 fuel stations island-wide and a growing network, employees are assured a hassle free utilization of the fuel entitlement.

Why the Fuel Card?

  • Improves process management optimizing productivity
  • Eliminates manual reconciliation
  • Increase employee convenience
  • Controls spending and eradicate wastage
  • Benefits to employees through discounts
  • Easy reconciliation and user friendly process

Features and Value Additions

  • Availability of e Statement facility for cardholders and the Company
  • SMS alerts which:
    • Provides automated SMS to the user notifying each transaction
    • Options for balance inquiry and outstanding via SMS
  • 24/7 Customer Service and support via a dedicated Premium Customer Services Hotline
  • Fuel mobile application facility through which the nearest fuel station can be located. This facility consists of a "Fuel manager" feature to monitor the usage of fuel
Corporate Travel Cards

Prepaid Travel Card is a payment solution available for corporate business travellers ensuring convenience and global acceptance embedded with additional security features. Our US Dollar and Euro denominated American Express and MasterCard travel Cards are accepted over 33 million merchants worldwide with further access to a global network of over 2 million ATM’s.

Why the American Express Corporate Travel Card?

  • Hedge against exchange rate fluctuations
  • Convenience
  • Safe and secure due to the chip enabled nature of the card
  • Able to track and control expenses
  • Complimentary travel insurance cover

Nations Trust Bank PLC will ensure that the loading and re-loading of funds to the card is supported with accurate details and documentation while adhering to the country’s exchange control regulations.

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