Nations Business Investment Plan

Stepping stone for the future

Nations Business Investment Plan

A stable financial foundation for your enterprise

A Nations Business Investment Plan enables Business owners to save a fixed amount monthly, and target to accumulate a guaranteed lump sum at the end of the period.


Make your savings work for you

  • Guaranteed interest rate of 6 per cent p.a. for the investment period (A.E.R 6.17%)
  • Choose an investment period from 2-5 years
  • Investment plans from Rs. 250,000 up to Rs. 5 million
  • No minimum balance fee (However the fixed monthly installment must be remitted continuously so that the customer can achieve the full target sum)
  • Pre mature account closures
    • Under 2 years : Nations Saver Highest Tier
    • 2 Years plus : Nations Saver Highest Tier +1%
  • Statements will be issued bi-annually
  • A guaranteed interest for the entire period of investment
  • A guaranteed return at the end of the agreed period
  • Stand by OD facility up to 50% of the available balance with a minimum OD limit of 100k. OD interest will be at 13% p.a. or 5% above the overnight offer rate whichever is higher. The rate will be notified through the monthly rate sheet.
What you need

  • Any enterprise that can be categorized as a Small or Medium Enterprise
  • Initial deposit of Rs 10,000/- or the monthly installment amount for the plan (whichever is higher)
Documents required to get started

  • A duly completed Current Account opening form
  • Nations Business Investment Plan account opening form
  • Business Registration Form
  • Standing instructions

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