Capital Plus

Capital Plus
Invest To Make Their Future Bright

It is everyone's dream to achieve and experience the best in life and this is where Union Assurance, as a long-standing partner, is able to fully understand that you and your family's goals should indeed become a priority.

You deserve the ability to witness the rewards of your hard-work, whether it be the world-class education that your children truly deserve, organizing the wedding of their dreams or quite simply, ensuring that you could spend your retirement continuing to experience the best, life has to offer.

An investment of just 05 years that suits your income, would ensure that you'll be on your way towards a fruitful investment fund in 10 years or more.

In further committing ourselves to a life-time partnership, owing to your unfortunate demise or permanent disability, the remainder of your payments would be borne by us, ensuring that your investment fund is unaffected and your family could continue your dreams to make their goals a priority

Invest only for 5 years and build a fund of approximately Rs. 1,000,000/-

(illustrated at a dividend rate of 10% per annum)

Your Age 
Approximately Monthly Premium for 5 years only
Maturity : 10 years Maturity : 15 Maturity : 20 Maturity : 25
30   11,864    7,890    5,345    5,345
35   11,972    8,011    5,354    5,348
40   12,221    8,261    5,592    5,372
45   12,961    8,733    6,048    5,421
50   13,566    9,646    6,954    5,516
Extra Benefits
  • Inbuilt Life Cover payable in the event of death.
  • Family will still receive the fund even in the case of an unfortunate demise or permanent disability of the Life Assured.
  • Flexibility to increase your life cover
  • Other extra benefits such as "Hospital cash per day benefit" can be added as desired

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