Trade & Supply Chain Finance

Trade & Supply Chain Finance
Trade & Supply Chain Finance

When you import and export from different shores, it is important to have seamless operational support. Receiving the right trade financing services can help you effectively manage risks associated with foreign trade, giving you the opportunity to expand your business more extensively. We offer a comprehensive range of trade & product services so that you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Services and Finance

Import Services

  • Letters of Credit
  • Import Documentary Collection
  • Shipping Guarantees
  • Trade at your Door step

Import Financing

  • IFL

Export Services

  • Letters of Credit (Advising / Confirmation)
  • Export Documentary Collection

Export Financing

  • Export Bills Purchased / Bills Discounted
  • Export Negotiation
  • Packing Credit Loans

Structured Financing

Bank Guarantee is an undertaking by the Bank to pay the beneficiary the amount specified in the guarantee of your performance or financial standing that may be needed in your business dealing in the event of non-performance of a permissible contract. ABMB is able to support your business by providing the following types of guarantees.

  • Tender Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Guarantee for Advance Payment
  • Supply Guarantee
  • Guarantee for Sub-Contract
  • Guarantee for Exemption of Custom Duties

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