Nations Trust Bank & Classic Travel Partner to Introduce Co-Branded MasterCard USD Travel Cards

08th January 2020

Nations Trust Bank MasterCard and Classic Travel have partnered to introduce the new Nations Trust Bank MasterCard Classic Travel USD Travel Card, which is a prepaid travel card that provides efficient and secure foreign currency management services to corporate and individual travellers. This card is a new addition to the Prepaid Travel Card range offered by Nations Trust Bank. Currently Nations Trust Bank offers MasterCard Euro Travel Card and MasterCard USD Travel Cards designed to cater to any travel destination requirement. The new co-branded card together with Classic Travel is suitable for both corporates and individual travellers looking to streamline management of their foreign currency per-diem disbursements to staff as well as for business travellers. Nations Trust Bank MasterCard Classic Travel USD Travel Cards can be obtained from the Nations Trust Bank Foreign Exchange Booth at the Classic Travel Head Office. Travellers can use the Cards to make payments at over 33.3 million MasterCard partners worldwide including hotels, retail, dining and other establishments and to make cash withdrawals at over 2.5 million ATMs globally.

“In addition to safety and convenience, travel cards provide a major advantage in terms of shielding users against exchange rate fluctuations since the rate is locked and will help to avoid multiple conversion fees when used. MasterCard is a globally accepted mode of payment with a wide acceptance footprint. This makes it an ideal product for Corporates and individual travellers who patronize Classic Travels. We are glad to partner with Classic Travels, one of Sri Lanka’s leading travel agents, to launch this exclusive co-branded card.” Randil Boteju, Senior Vice President of Sales at Nations Trust Bank.

Nations Trust Bank MasterCard Classic Travel USD Travel Cards offer a range of exclusive benefits for travellers including free SMS alerts and no issuance fees. SMS Alerts provide additional security for Cardholders as they will be immediately notified of all transactions. The Cardholder can also enjoy free travel insurance for 90 days each time the Card is loaded with a minimum of USD 1,000. The Cards are also secured with the latest EMV chip and PIN technology along with other security features to ensure the safety of funds and wider acceptance. E-Statements along with SMS for balance inquiries are also available free of charge.

“We understand that our clients may have different requirements based on the nature of their travel. As such, we offer both Personalized Cards with the user’s name printed on the card and non-personalized cards with only the card number printed on the card. The latter category, which can be purchased in bulk, will be useful for corporate entities that wish to send employees overseas for business purposes”, revealed Sabry Bahaudeen, General Manager of Classic Travel.

Classic Travel Card