Priyantha Talwatte Appointed as Executive Director at Nations Trust Bank PLC

Priyantha Talwatte Appointed as Executive Director at Nations Trust Bank PLC

31st July 2020

Nations Trust Bank PLC announced the appointment of Chief Executive Officer Mr. Priyantha Talwatte to its Board of Directors with effect from 19th June 2020.


Mr Talwatte has been an integral part of the Nations Trust Bank’s Corporate Management team, for over 17 years and took over as Chief Executive Officer on 2nd April 2020.


Leading and overseeing the Consumer Banking business, he played a pivotal role in establishing the Bank’s sales and service culture. He was also instrumental in strengthening the Bank’s branch network, direct banking and digital channels driven by strong data analytics to ensure sustainable business growth.


He is credited with the establishment of the American Express franchise in Sri Lanka and development of a best in class credit card issuing and acquiring business, which led Nations Trust Bank to become the leading credit card issuer and acquirer in the local market.


Mr.Talwatte is an alumnus of the Advanced Management Program of the Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, (AMP-196) and is a qualified Marketer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). He also serves as a Director of Lanka Clear (Pvt.) Limited, Waldock Mackenzie Limited - (WML), Allied Properties Limited - (APLl) and Nations Insurance Brokers Limited (NIBL).


Nations Trust Bank PLC is among the top 15 business establishments in Sri Lanka as ranked by Business Today. Stemming from its vision of “helping people and businesses by providing financial services and information to achieve their goals and aspirations in a sustainable way”, the Bank serves a diverse range of customers across both individual and corporate, with an enviable portfolio of banking and financial products and services. Strongly focused on digital empowerment through cutting-edge digital banking technologies, the Bank is a pioneer in many innovative customer centric banking solutions such as extended banking hours, 365-day banking and FriMi – Sri Lanka’s first digital banking experience. Delivering premium value, service and connecting its Cardmembers to rewarding experiences and opportunities Nations Trust Bank PLC is an issuer and sole acquirer of American Express Cards in Sri Lanka. The Bank operates 96 branches across the country and has an ATM network covering 127 locations and 48 Cash Deposit & Withdrawal Machines, plus more than 3,700 ATMs on the Lanka Pay Network.


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