Simple Steps to Easily Save Money

Simple Steps to Easily Save Money

Everyone wants to have a little extra money, right? Well, here are a few simple tricks that could leave you with more than a little extra money each month.


Always Shop with a List

How many times have you gone shopping and ended up buying stuff you don’t need? This can be a huge drain on your wallet. Simply avoid this problem by making a shopping list and being disciplined enough to stick to the list and avoid impulse buys.


Buy from the Bulk Bins

When you shop at the supermarket for things like rice, sugar, dhal, grams and other stuff like that you can save a considerable amount if you buy loose from the bulk bins instead of the packaged stuff. You won’t be sacrificing on quality but will save on costs.


Give Up Costly Habits

Are you a regular smoker, drinker or shopaholic? Reducing or avoiding these activities altogether will result in huge cost savings, especially over the long run. It may also result in better decision making overall and a more centered mental state.


Pay Yourself First… Into a Savings Account

Before you spend any money from what you earn, first transfer a fixed portion into a special savings account you will not touch for any expenses. It should be a high yielding savings account like a Nations MaxBonus account. For extra safety, make the transfer through a standing order. Once this account fills up, you can begin to invest.


Holiday at Home

This is two-fold. Instead of going for an expensive holiday, stay home and do something fun. This also refers to opting to travel within Sri Lanka instead of going abroad. After all, this is one of the best holiday destinations in the world.


Spend Some Money to Save Some

If you’re using air-conditioning at home, then make sure your room is well insulated so that you’re a/c doesn’t have to work as hard, which means cost savings. Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances and ensure you’re using low energy lights wherever possible. You may have to spend a bit of money to do this but it will save you vast amounts over the long-term.


Reduce Food Waste

You can easily reduce the amount of food you waste, particularly fresh produce by storing it properly. There are many ‘produce savers’ you can buy that can help you make your fresh foods last longer. Also, if there is leftover cooked food, pack it properly and freeze it for later. Recently expired food may also be perfectly good for consumption. Check before you throw it out.


Cook at Home, Pack Your Lunch

Whether you like to or not, cooking food at home will save you plenty of money in the long run and ensure you eat more nutritious, high quality and healthy food. Taking your lunch from home will also ensure you don’t spend unnecessarily on eating out. But don’t overdo the frozen and processed foods; that’s bad for both health and money savings.


Look at Your Expenses on an Annual Basis

If you spend 10,000 rupees a month on electricity, that 120,000 bucks a year! If you save 1,000 bucks a month on electricity, that’s 12,000/-. Do this for all your recurrent expenses and you’ll understand how much you could be saving.


Saving money doesn’t have to be tough; it just needs you to be smart. Once you’ve started saving, check out our amazing savings and investment products to help you grow those savings into something great!