Nations Trust Bank customers recognised as Eco-Champions

Nations Trust Bank customers recognised as Eco-Champions

26th July 2023


26th July 2023, Colombo: To emphasize its commitment to sustainability, Nations Trust Bank, recognised customers who have offered remarkable support in reducing paper consumption and enabled the Bank’s initiative to save trees. These customers received Eco-Champion E-Certificates and plants as tokens of appreciation for their invaluable contribution to the Bank’s environmental sustainability programme at a special event held at the Private Banking Centre.

During the year 2022, Nations Trust Bank customers received statements, letters and other information through the Bank's “Nations E Box” and Smart Statements, to encourage digital solutions for banking needs. By opting for e-statements, e-letters, and e-advices, over 380 trees were saved by the reduction of paper usage. This achievement was made possible by Nations Trust Bank customers who contributed to this eco-friendly initiative.

The services offered by Nations E Box and Smart Statements are designed to ensure minimal paper usage and to maximise on the convenience of digital banking. Instead of physical documents, customers can receive digitally secure links via SMS, granting them safe access online to their information.

Senior Vice President of Digital Banking & Acquisitions at Nations Trust Bank, Randil Boteju expressed his appreciation for the customers' commitment to environmental sustainability, stating, "Our customers' enthusiastic shift to Nations E Box and Smart Statements isn't just a nod to modern banking, it's a powerful statement for a sustainable future. Each digital engagement means less paper, more preserved trees, and a stronger commitment to our planet's well-being. By choosing digital, our customers are not only embracing convenience but also actively championing a legacy of environmental responsibility. Together, we're crafting a brighter, greener future for the next generations."

Nations Trust Bank remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and is expected that the Bank will continue to explore other innovative ways to reduce its ecological footprint, while delivering superior and digitally inclusive banking solutions to its customers.

Nations Trust Bank PLC serves a diverse range of customers across Consumer, Commercial and Corporate segments through an islandwide network of 96 branches. The bank is focused on digital empowerment through cutting-edge digital banking technologies, and pioneered FriMi, Sri Lanka’s leading digital banking experience. Nations Trust Bank PLC is an issuer and sole acquirer of American Express Cards in Sri Lanka with market leadership in the premium segments.