Why a Home Loan Shouldn’t Scare You

Why a Home Loan Shouldn’t Scare You

A home loan can help you transform your dream of homeownership into reality. Still, it’s a big commitment that often scares people but, it shouldn’t!

Here are a few reasons why a home loan shouldn’t scare you:


Capital Gains

In Sri Lanka, real estate has been one of the few asset classes that have continuously and consistently delivered handsome capital gains (the increase in value of your property over time). This means that by the time you finish settling your home loan, your property will probably be worth many times the value you initially paid for it. Real estate has created many multi-millionaires and even billionaires and a home loan can help you join that elite club.


Freedom & Accomplishment

Well-managed debt can definitely put you on the path to freedom in the future. One of the most easily well-managed and sustainable forms of debt is a home loan; it will mean freedom and control over your own domain where you can build an investment, a home and a family.


Low Rates, Long Tenures

Interest rates on home loans are significantly lower than for other types of loans and the repayment periods or ‘tenures’ are very long; often up to 15 to 20 years or more. This gives you plenty of flexibility and allows you to build your future on a secure platform.


You’ll Be Paying Yourself

Taking out a housing loan to pursue the dream of homeownership will mean that you will essentially be paying yourself for the tenure of the loan. This is because every payment you make will count towards increased home equity for you. Otherwise, if you rent out a place to live, you’ll be paying someone else your hard earned money for the privilege to live on their property with no further benefit or saving to you.


Getting into debt, especially over the long term can seem daunting at first, but there are different kinds of debt and housing loan debt is one of the most positive, sustainable and productive forms of debt you can ever get into.


So don’t be afraid! Use housing loans such as Nations Home Loans to start building your future, today.


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