Responsible Banking

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Responsible Banking

Towards sustainability

The next step in sustainability

Every growth begins at the root. We believe that for a responsible future development, we need to take the steps of creating social and environmental awareness. Whether it be an environmental disaster or an unanticipated health hazard, in waiting to explore wider reading or even complete a solid education, our CSR initiatives are cross functional and result driven. In fulfilling our responsibility to society, we fully understand that you need to do more towards people and planet. We pride ourselves on how our long term sustainable growth influences stakeholders while helping us to understand their impact to the bank.

Key areas of responsibility

While our social responsibility is multi-dimensional; we have four broad areas of activity:

Bio Diversity

We have an ongoing project at Hiyare, in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society of Galle, focusing on the Hiyare Rainforest (a scenic 600-acre rainforest), which is a home to several endemic and rare species of flora and fauna. The conservation efforts aim to:

  • Educate school children and undergraduates on the rich biodiversity in our country and to impart valuable knowledge on threatened species and the urgent requirement to take positive action towards preserving the country’s rich animal and plant life.
  • Support the workshop programmes conducted by the Wildlife Conservation Society for various groups, including school children, undergraduates, private sector staff and nature enthusiasts. The workshops compriseextensive programmes that include visits to the rainforest and hands-on experience in understanding amphibians, reptiles, etc.
  • Support the Society’s Animal Rescue Programme – an innovative effort that seeks to provide immediate medical care, surgical care and rehabilitation for injured wildlife and finally release the creature back into the wild.
  • Fund the Captive Breeding Programme for 2 species of freshwater fish and endemic frogs that have been declared "nationally threatened species". The programme is a key aspect of the biodiversity conservation project, being the first private-sector-funded programme of its kind in Sri Lanka.
  • Fund efforts to gather data on and research the behaviour patterns of urban and rural purple-faced leaf monkeys. The conservation effort also focuses on restoring the natural habitats of these monkeys by creating corridors of forested areas through the Habitat Restoration Programme. 



We have been engaged in uplifting the literacy levels of many of the country’s rural schools. In the past we have donated books and upgraded the libraries of several schools and more recently renovated schools in the Galle, Kandy and Ratnapura areas, facilitating a better environment for education.

Special emphasis has also been given to upgrading the Mathematics skills of children, as Maths is a compulsory subject at the GCE (OL) examination. We have set up Mathematics Laboratories at a number of schools around the island. The ‘Maths Labs’ provides a space for students to explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. These activities may be carried out by the teacher or the students and seek to stimulate an interest among students and make the learning of Mathematics an enjoyable experience. 




Community Service

One of our key projects that fall under community service is the Maharagama Cancer Hospital. We are currently involved in a substantial refurbishment of Ward 19 which is in a dilapidated state. We will be responsible for:

  • Upgrading the staff and patient sanitary chambers as well as the  doctors’ and nurses’ station
  • Constructed a separate area for leukaemia, isolation sections, an admission area and a lunchroom for patients
  • Donating a laboratory binocular microscope set that would benefit the entire hospital

This project is part of our continued commitment to support those who are in need in our community.

Blood Bank Projects

Nations Trust Bank joined hands with the National Blood Transfusion Service of Sri Lanka by facilitating the introduction of donor cards that acknowledge and value the noble generosity of donors. The donor cards will replace the traditional red book, which will also make the process more convenient for donors.

This initiative will enable frequent donors to be recognised for their commitment towards saving lives. We feel privileged to be part of an endeavour of such great national and humane significance. The Blood Bank has been in existence since 1960 and the first red donor book was introduced in 1967. We are proud to partner with an organisation that has tirelessly worked to save the precious lives of so many Sri Lankans.

Nations Trust Bank made a commitment to design and issue donor cards according to membership levels, such as Red, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These membership levels are decided by the National Blood Force according to the number of donations made by an individual.

Enhancing the Panagoda Army Library

We supported the construction of a new library at the Panagoda Army complex. The library will serve the needs of 535 disabled soldiers who have gone through a process of rehabilitation. The new building is located close to where the soldiers currently live, making access much easier. A wide range of reading material was donated by the Bank to the library.


Disaster Relief

The Bank is always at hand whenever there is a need for emergency assistance in the aftermath of a disaster, whether natural or man-made. We have funded emergency relief operations in times of flooding and drought, sending assistance to the distressed victims.  

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