Missed Call Notification

A simple way to check your bank balance

Missed Call Notification

Missed Call Notifications

Your Nations Trust Bank credit card and bank account balance are just one missed call away. Simply give a missed call to the below numbers to check your balance.

  • Call 011 441 4154 to access your credit card balance
  • Call 0114 711 412 to access your current and savings account balance
We offer a simplified way to check your:

Credit Card

  • Available balance
  • Statement balance
  • Total outstanding as of date
  • Minimum due as of the last generated statement
  • Due date as of the last generated statement


Current and Savings Account

  • Available balance
  • Total value of cheques received
  • Number of cheques received
  • Total value of cheques in clearing
What you require to access the Missed Call Notification service


  • Be a Nations Trust Bank credit cardholder or an account holder
  • Be a Prepaid or a Postpaid Mobile subscriber of any mobile network
Steps to get started with Missed Call Notification


  • Give a missed call to our above mentioned dedicated hotline numbers
  • Then await a few seconds for your balance confirmation text
  • Finally, just save the Missed Call Alert Number on to your Mobile


If above fails

  • Please call our contact centre on 011 4711 411.


Missed Call Notification Terms & Conditions – Credit Card

Missed Call Notification Terms & Conditions – Current and Savings account




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