Online Banking FAQ
1. How do I get registered for Online Banking?

Option 1 - Simply click here to register online.

Option 2 – You can visit the nearest NTB branch and request for the facility.

Please Note: In order to register online you need to have an active account or credit card with the bank. Further your latest mobile number and email address should be registered with the bank.

Tips: Be ready to receive a TEXT to your registered mobile and an email to your registered email address along with your National Identity card Number or Passport Number.

2. What Information is required when I Register for Online Banking?

1. Registered Mobile Number and email address (with the bank)

2. Active Accounts or primary Credit Cards

3. I have the above, how do I register online?

1. You can use your Debit card or credit Card issued by Nations Trust Bank with it’s PIN to register. This will provide you full capability without any restrictions. Please note incase you do not remember the PIN of your credit Card you still can register by entering the security code and the expiry date of the card. However in this case you can only perform own account fund transfers and inquiries only. By calling our 24 * 7 customer service hotline on + 94 4711 411 you can get your self enabled for all the options in Nations Online Banking.

2. If you do not have any type of card still you can register online by providing your account number, Date of Birth and National Identity card number or Passport number.

3. In both methods you will be validated with a One Time Password (OTP) send to your registered Mobile Number and email Address with the bank. Upon confirmation you will be allowed to set your own user name and password to log in.

Click here to view online registration guidelines.

4. Are there any registration or service charges for Online Banking?

Please click here to refer the tariff.

5. What Type of Browsers Can I Use to access Online Banking?

Nations online banking works best on;

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer Version 9.0 and above
6. If I forget my Online Banking Password, how do I recover it?

You can do this online using the “Forgot Password” option on the login page, quite similar to Online Registration. If you do not have an active Debit / Credit Card issued by NTB, please call the call centre on +94 11 4711411 to obtain a new password.

If you are doing this online, you can use following recovery methods

1. If you use your Debit card or credit card together with the PIN – you will be provided with full transactional capability.

2. If you use your Credit card together with the CVV – you will be able to perform within your own account transfers and all other inquiries. You will need to call our call center on 0114711411 to activate full transactional capability.

Click here to recover online.

Please Note: In both the cases One-Time-Password (OTP) will be used to verify your identity as a second level verification. So make sure to have your Mobile Number and Email address registered with the bank.

Click here to view online password recovery guidelines

7. What are the services available with Online Banking?

Inquires and Review details

  • View account balances of your Current, Savings, Deposits, Loans, Leasing and NTB credit cards.
  • Review transaction information of all your accounts and card types (Current, Savings, Deposits, Loans, Leasing and NTB credit cards)
  • View information about your loan re payment history and re payment schedules.
  • Review information about issued cheque books and issued cheques from current accounts.
  •  View realization details about other bank cheques deposited to your NTB account.
  •  Download eStatements of your accounts and credit cards.
  •  Review information about scheduled and completed transactions which executed from Internet Banking.
  •  View, delete and stop instances of Standing Instructions which you have placed from Internet Banking.

Managing Payees

  • You can easily maintain the billers and third party payee details which you would use for future transaction purposes. This way you do not have to keep entering these details again and again.

Transaction types can be performed

  •  Settle your bills and save them for future purposes. If you want you can make it a repeat payment so you do not have to do payments every month yourself.
  • Transfer funds between your NTB accounts and with the other banks for free.
  •  Place Standing Instructions between NTB accounts and other Bank accounts.
  •  Credit card payments to any NTB credit cards and other bank credit cards.
  •  Settle your lease outstanding.
  •  Use your joint account to initiate transactions, and your partner will get notified, via SMS and email, to approve the transaction you have initiated.

Service Requests

  •  Order new Cheque Books.
  •  Make a request to obtain bank statements , as an email or Paper, for your VISA or other special purposes
  •  Make a request get a credit card statement posted.
  •  Obtain a balance confirmation for your VISA or any other special purpose.
  •  Instruct the bank to setup your monthly Credit Card minimum payment.
  •  Make a request for a new Credit card in case your existing card is not in good condition
  •  Activate your new plastic card without calling or visiting the bank in person.
  •  Request to enhance your credit card limit permanently or on a temporary basis.
  •  If you still do not have a NTB Shopping debit card, you can apply for one
  •  Open a Fixed Deposit online for monthly interest or interest at maturity basis.
  •  Want to get a leasing quotation? Send a request from online banking.
  •  If you have received a leasing quotation or you want to directly apply for a leasing facility, you can simply send us a request. One of our bank officers will get in touch with you.


  • Unable to call us or come to a branch? Simply use our Online Banking email option to send your inquiry or request to the bank. You will be served much faster.

Register for more services

  • While registering for online banking through the website, you can also get yourself registered for other Digital Channels such as Mobile Banking, SMS Banking and eStatements. You will get registered online. And they are all free.
8. How can I download my bank account statements and card statements?

Click here to view Download bank account statements and card statements guidelines

9. What are the Bill payment methods Used in Online Banking?

There are two ways to carry out Bill payments;

  •  Adhoc Bill Payment - you can just pay bills by selecting the service provider through “Pay your Bills” (one time or recurring) option.
  •  Registered Bill payment - For your regular billers you can register them by using the ‘Registered Billers’ option and pay (one time or recurring)

Transaction value per day limits

  • Individuals (Normal) customer – LKR 500,000

Please note: You can get this limit applied according to your relationship category; If you wish to change your limits allowed in Online Banking according to the category , you may call our 24*7 call center +94114711411 or send an email instruction using “Online Banking Mail box”. Given below are applicable limits based on category.

  •  Inner Circle customer – LKR 750,000
  •  Private Banking customer – LKR 1,000,000

One Time Password (OTP) limits

  •  For all customer segments OTP limit is LKR 100,000

Click here to view Bill payments guidelines

10. Who are the service providers available in Online banking bill payments
  • A.Alliance Insurance
  •  AIA Insurance Life
  •  Access Natural Water (PVT) LTD
  •  Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)
  •  Ceylinco Insurance
  •  Colombo Swimming Club
  •  Dialog Broadband
  •  Dialog GSM
  •  Dialog TV
  •  Etisalat
  •  JK Stock Brokers
  •  Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited (LECO)
  •  Lanka Bell
  •  Mobitel
  •  National School of Business Management Limited (NSBM)
  •  Nations Insurance Brokering
  •  Nations Life
  •  Nations leasing
  •  National Water Supply and Drainage Board
  •  Sri Lanka Insurance General
  •  Sri Lanka Insurance Life
  •  Sri lanka Telecom
  •  Union Assurance Ltd
11. Can I send money to another person?

You can carry out fund transfers within your own accounts, any other NTB accounts & other bank accounts using “Fund transfer” option in the main menu or quick links visible in the Online Banking home page.

Transaction Limits per day

Transaction Type   Limit (LKR)
Transfer Funds within own Accounts   Unlimited
Transfer Funds to 3rd Party NTB Accounts   10,000,000
Transfer Funds to Other Banks   5,000,000
Pay own Credit Cards   10,000,000
Pay 3rd party NTB Credit Cards   10,000,000
Pay other Bank Credit Cards   5,000,000
Bill Payments   5,000,000


One Time Password (OTP) limits

  •  For all customer segments OTP limit is LKR 100,000

Click here to view Fund transfers guidelines.

12. How can I delete / edit payee details for Fund transfers

Click here to view delete / edit payee details guidelines

13. Does it allow me to give instructions to send money for a selected date or repeatedly?

You can place Standing instructions between NTB and other Banks by using “Standing Instruction” (One time and recurring) option in the main menu or quick links visible in the Online Banking home page.

Click here to view Standing Instruction guidelines

14. How can I settle my Credit card via Online Banking?

You can carry out the credit card payments to any NTB issued Credit card (except traveler cards) or a card issued by another bank by using the “Credit Card Payment” on the home page.

Transaction per day limits

  • Individuals (Normal) customer – LKR 1, 500,000 Please note: You can get this limit applied according to your relationship category; If you wish to change your limits allowed in Online Banking according to the category , you may call our 24*7 call center +94114711411 or send an email instruction using “Online Banking Mail box”. Given below are applicable limits based on category.
  • Inner Circle customer – LKR 1,750,000
  •  Private Banking customer – Unlimited

One Time Password (OTP) limits

  •  For all customer segments OTP limit is LKR 100,000

Click here to view credit card payments guidelines

15. What are the NTB Credit Cards that I can check from Online Banking
  • American express credit cards
  •  Master Credit cards
  •  Traveler Cards
  •  Supplementary cards
  •  Corporate cards
16. How can I check my loan repayment schedule details from online banking

Click here to view check loan repayment schedule guidelines.

17. Is there a way to give nick names to My Accounts?

Yes, you can personalize each of your accounts and card by creating a new account name, to make it easier for you to identify your Account. You can change the Nickname by selecting the “Edit My Profile” option under the “Logout” button.

18. How soon will payments made on line be realized or processed?
  • Bill payments– telecommunication billers :payment will get updated immediately Utility billers: will be processed within 3 working days
  •  Transactions between Own accounts &within NTB accounts will be done immediately
  •  Money sent to other banks – Money will get credited within 3 minutes to following list of banks and financial institutions:
  •  Bank of Ceylon
  •  Peoples Bank
  •  Commercial Bank
  •  Hatton National Bank
  •  National Development Bank
  •  Cargills Bank
  •  Union Bank
  •  Seylan Bank
  •  Sampath Bank
  •  Standard Chartered Bank
  •  Commercial Leasing
  •  Lanka Orix Leasing Company

Click here to view more instructions about real time other bank fund transfers.

Transfers to other banks (not listed above) initiated after 12:30pm on a working day, will get affected on the next working day.

  •  NTB Credit card payments will be effected within an hour
  •  Other bank Credit card payments initiated after 12:30pm will get effected on the next working day.
  •  Nations Leasing payments will be effected by end of day.
19. What Proof do I receive for the Payments I make via Online Banking?

Once you have confirmed your transfer, Online Banking will provide you with an electronic receipt that includes all the essential details and the e-receipt will be emailed to your registered email address with the bank.

The Reference Number and the date can be used if you need to make enquiries about this transfer at a future date.

20. What if I make a payment to the wrong Payee? Can I cancel or Stop the payment?

You will not be able to stop or cancel payments made “immediately” (As an exception customers may call the contact center for further assistance on reversals)

Any other scheduled or recurring payments may be canceled or modified if done within/before the process date by using “modify” or “stop” options provided.

You can also check the details of the transfer before proceeding. It’s a final safeguard for you to check all transfer details on one screen and ensure the transfer is made exactly how you’d like.

21. How far back can I search for transactions on my accounts using Online Banking?

You will be able to view and access transactions of last 2 years, in 7 months blocks

Click here to view search transaction history guidelines.

22. Can I change my Login ID and Password?

Yes you can by choosing "Edit my Profile"& then you can change the user ID to one you prefer, provided it’s not used by some other user. You can do the same with your password.

23. How can I update my contact details via Online Banking?

You can send your contact information using the Mail box option provided in Online Banking page and new details will get updated within three working days

24. If I open a new account how soon will it get linked with my Online banking facility?

New accounts opened will be automatically linked to the facility at end of the business day.

25. Do you offer Customer Service assistance if I have more questions & inquiries about Online Banking facility & transactions?

Yes, simply contact our contact Center by calling on 0114711411, or send us an email via Mail box option provided in Online Banking. You could also do so by visiting the nearest NTB branch.