Nations Trust Bank Uplifts Railway Stations to Celebrate 20 Years

Nations Trust Bank Uplifts Railway Stations to Celebrate 20 Years

18th December 2019

2019 saw Nations Trust Bank Celebrate its 20th Anniversarymarking two decades of trust, innovation and challenging the norm to deliver an unparalleled banking experience to customers. The Bank marked this historic milestone with numerous social and public service initiatives which culminated in an ambitious project to clean-up 19 railway stations across Sri Lanka and install segregated waste bins at these locations. The grand finale of this wide-reaching and timely public service initiative culminated at the Peradeniya Railway Station on the 5th of December 2019.

Nations Trust Bank took on the responsibility of conducting a complete and thorough refurbishment of the Peradeniya Railway Station as a sincere contribution to the community. The refurbishment included a complete clean-up, painting and restoration of the railway station. The newly refurbished Peradeniya Railway Station was ceremonially handed over to the Department of Railways and the public on the 5th of December 2019 amidst a warm ceremony. Senior officials from Nations Trust Bank including, Indrajith Boyagoda- Executive Vice President, along with high ranking officials from the Department of Railways were present at the ceremony.

Speaking about the railway station upliftment drive, Theja Silva – Head of CSR at Nations Trust Bank said, “As we celebrate 20 years of banking and customer service excellence, we feel a strong sense of duty to the community. This has inspired us to initiate numerous public service projects to celebrate this major milestone. When we approach our customers, we are always empathetic and seek to understand things from their point of view. It is this spirit that has allowed us to understand the issues that people face on a daily basis and we believe our railway station clean-up effort will serve to add value to the lives of tens of thousands of Sri Lankans each day. Marking 20 years, we renew our resolve to continue to challenge the norm, change the game and innovate to deliver tomorrow’s banking experience, today. We also take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued loyalty and support.”

Established in July 1999 with the acquisition of the Colombo Branch of the Overseas Trust Bank Limited, Nations Trust Bank entered a banking arena dominated by titans. Through sheer passion and hard work the Bank has now established itself as a major player in Sri Lanka’s banking & finance sector. Today, Nations Trust Bank is Sri Lanka’s most progressive bank and is consistently ranked amongst the best banks and business entities in Sri Lanka and has also received international accolades and recognition.

In addition to the Railway Station upliftment drive, Nations Trust Bank has also engaged in programmes such as reforestation and school supplies donations as part of its 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

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