Sms Banking

Bank with us from anywhere

Sms Banking

Bank with us anytime from anywhere

Even if you’re constantly on the move, just like needing to keep in touch with your friends, you need to know what’s happening to your account. With Nations Trust SMS Banking, your account details are just a click away. We know how hectic life can be, that’s why we give you a banking solution that takes into account your bury lifestyle.

We offer you the chance to

  • Check your Account Balance
  • Check the details of your last three transactions
  • Call for your Cheque Books
  • And finally request your Monthly Statements
What you need

  • Be a Nations Trust Bank account holder
  • Be a Prepaid or a Postpaid Mobile subscriber of any mobile network


SMS Banking Terms & Conditions

Steps to get started

  • Register online or contact our 24x7 Contact Centre on +94 (0)11 4 711411
  • Then await your confirmation text
  • Finally just save the SMS Banking Number on to your mobile
SMS Banking Instructions


Bank Account     Services     
Service     Service Code
Balance Inquiry - CASA   bal<space><acccountnumber>
Mini statement - last 3 transactions (CASA)   trn<space><accountnumber>
Statement request – CASA Accounts   streq<space><account>
Cheque book request - Current Accounts   chreq<space><accountnumber>


Credit Card Services     
Service     Service Code
Balance Inquiry - Credit Card   bal<space><Card number>
Amex Card statement balance inquiry   sbal<space><Card number>

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If you require further clarification on the Nations Trust Bank financial services, please contact us on:

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