Platinum Membership
Platinum Membership Offers

Business Banking Platinum Membership offers you an exclusive service proposition along with a range of unparalleled privileges

Make your membership work for you

As a valued Platinum member we are privileged to offer you a waiver of Service Charges.

  • Free unlimited cheque books
  • Free unlimited drafts / standing orders
  • Waiver on cheque deposit return commission
  • Import / Export letter of Credit, Documentary collection bills against payments (DP) - commission at 0.175%
  • Import documentary Collection bills against acceptance (DA)  - Commission at 0.35%


  • Maintain an average credit balance over LKR 5 Mn per month in a current account or
  • Maintain an average balance of over LKR 15Mn per month in a savings account or
  • Maintain a debit average balance of over LKR 20Mn in working capital facilities per month. (For debit balances Over Draft, Import Financing Loans, Short Term Loans, Packing Credit shall be considered. Long-term loans with tenor over 12 months will be excluded) or
  • Maintain import and / or export quarterly volume of LKR 65Mn
Review Criteria

The bank will periodically review the average balances to identify customers to upgrade or downgrade

Please call us on 011 4 682 555 for further information