Gold Membership

Membership that rewards you

Gold Membership

Gold Membership Offers

Business Banking Gold Membership offers you an exclusive service proposition along with special reward scheme where you can now earn rewards points for every transaction whether it is current account, loan or trade facility.

Make your membership work for you

As a valued Gold member we are privileged to offer you a waive of a Service Charges

  • Free unlimited cheque books
  • Waiver on cheque deposit return commission
  • Import documentary Collection bills against acceptance (DA)  - Commission at 0.35%


What you need

  • Maintain an average credit balance between LKR 500,000 to 4,999,999 per month in a current account or
  • Maintain an average balance between LKR 10 Mn to LKR 14,999,999 per month in a savings account or
  • Maintain an average debit balance between LKR 10Mn to 19,999,999 in working capital facilities per month. (For debit balances Over Draft, Import Financing Loans, Short Term Loans, Packing Credit shall be considered excluding long-term loans with tenor over 12 months) or
  • Maintain import and / or export quarterly volume of LKR 35Mn.
Review Criteria

The bank will periodically review the average balances to identify customers to upgrade or downgrade

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