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With Holding Tax (WHT) Information

Withholding Tax Declaration forms ( WHT forms) for the new taxation year which commences from 01 April 2014- to 31 March 2015 (where applicable) need to be submitted to the bank, in accordance with the directives issued by the Inland Revenue Department.

download the WHT form for your easy reference and please hand over the duly filled form/forms to any of our branches preferably by 15 March 2013. Please note that all interest bearing accounts (under individual category) need to be declared on the form/forms. If you have any accounts held jointly, each party needs to submit a declaration form as applicable.

In the event we do not have a valid declaration form( with all relevant details) on file, we will be compelled to apply the standard tax rate (8%) to interest earnings in line with the standard guidelines.If your account does not warrant the submission of a WHT declaration form or relevant forms have been already been submitted by you, kindly disregard this notice.

Please contact your branch or our 24 hour contact centre on +94 114 711 411 for any clarifications.